Jadusha Shines Natural Hair Weekly and Mary from The Curly Closet

The Curly Closet featured on the Natural Hair Weekly podcast!

Guess who was featured on the Natural Hair Weekly podcast this week?!

As a natural hair blogger, it’s a great feeling to realise that people are admiring your work both online and offline, and that you are having an impact on the natural hair community at large. That’s why it was such an honour to be recognised by the team over at Natural Hair Weekly.

The Curly Closet featured on Natural Hair Weekly podcast

What is Natural Hair Weekly?

Natural Hair Weekly is an online hub providing up to date curation of ‘almost’ anything that is going on in the world of natural hair. If there is anything happening on the ground or online, they’ve got it covered!

I met Curator and Editor, Jahdusha Shines (pictured above), and we had a good natter about my natural hair journey, the importance of knowing your hair’s porosity and my opinion on sulphates and silicones. With a lot of laughs and good energy all around – check it out by clicking the player below!

You can check out the podcast on YouTube and also on iTunes. Head over to NaturalHairWeekly.com to subscribe for natural hair news from all over the world straight to your inbox!

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