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My First Ever Influenster VoxBox & Max Factor Colour Elixir Review

I’ll be honest – Max Factor is a brand that I have probably never bought any products from in all my years of makeup buying. However, receiving some of the Max Factor Colour Elixir lip products in the first ever Influenster UK VoxBox has been a revelation!

If you don’t know what Influenster is, it’s an online platform where you can receive complimentary beauty products in exchange for an honest review. Yes, these products were sent to me for free! You can check them out via my referral link here.

influenster UK vox box image
The first ever Influenster UK VoxBox

Inside the box

I received three Max Factor Colour Elixir products in this cute little box: the Universal Lip Liner, the Lipstick in Mulberry (685) and the Honey Lacquer in Honey Nude (5).

max factor universal lip liner
Max Factor Colour Elixir Universal Lip Liner

I’ve been using both the Mulberry Lipstick and Honey Lacquer non-stop over the summer, so here are my thoughts!

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Mulberry (685)


Colour Elixir Lipstick 685
Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Mulberry (685)

Let me start by saying: I’m a sucker for deep reds. And with this colour, it was love at first sight. Now, this is not quite a deep red colour – it’s more deep pink combined with cherry red. But something about the undertone and metallic sheen really strike me whenever I see this lipstick. I particularly love combining this lip colour with one of my favourite lip liners, Nightmoth by MAC, for a more sultry and slightly ombre look.

Max Factor Colour Elixir
Max Factor Colour Elixir in Mulberry (685) close-up

The formulation is much more moisturising than I’m used to – and glides on very easily indeed. The metallic finish adds just a little extra dimension that makes your lips stand out that you wouldn’t get from your more even-toned lipstick. Here’s an instance where I used this colour to compliment a burgundy top with my high bun look:


Max Factor Colour Elixir Mulberry

Max Factor Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer in Honey Nude (5)

Colour Elixir Honey Nude
Max Factor Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer (Honey Nude)

I did not expect to be as obsessed with this product as I am. Especially since most products labelled ‘nude’ tend not to mean ‘brown girl nude’ at all. But, to my surprise, it has been dominating my neutral everyday looks ever since it arrived in my hands!

Honey Nude Colour Elixir Wand
Max Factor Colour Elixir Honey Lacquer (Honey Nude) close-up

I admit, I did have to do some tweaking – a dark brown lipstick had to save the day by outlining my lips and making the product wearable for my skin tone (I used L’Oreal Color Riche in Oud Obsession, 703.) But you can definitely see my pleasure in the Instagram post below:

I have been glowing in bronzed and caramel tones all summer, so this product showed up at exactly the right time. It goes on pretty much like a lip gloss but with more of a womanly shine to it, and more intense colour too. And not sticky! I feel like if teenage lip gloss had a slightly more mature, sexier older cousin, it would be called Honey Lacquer.

The Curly Closet in Honey Nude
My summer glow with Max Factor Colour Elixir in Honey Nude

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it’s great to try something new – in the case of the Honey Nude shade, I’d probably have never reached for it on the shelf of my high street shop. But I’m glad that I did try it, the results have been beautiful.

And the Mulberry colour has added a more unique option to my warm, berry-toned colours for summer. I’m looking forward to how it will perform going into Autumn, when I plan to pair it with my favourite burgundy shades. Thanks to Influenster for the complimentary Max Factor Colour Elixir products!

I hope you enjoyed this review and look forward to sharing more beauty news with you soon. (In the meantime, you can check out more natural hair and lifestyle posts on my blog here.)

What beauty features would you like to see more of here? Comment below and let me know!

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