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All About My Natural Hair

Introducing… my natural hair!

In brief, here’s everything that you need to know about my crown.

How long have you been natural?

I big chopped in July 2014, so I’m now approaching three years of embracing the ‘fro – one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. I’m currently enjoying the journey of growing my hair and seeing where it will take me!

October 2014, embracing my ‘fro in New York City!

Hair Type

I have what I would describe as type 4, afro-textured hair. If I were being really technical, I’d say that it has multiple personalities – including curl patterns that range from 3C to 4C (if you follow the Andre Walker hair typing system).

Hair Texture

My hair is medium coarseness, although this depends a lot on how long it’s been since my hair had a drink i.e. been sprayed with water. Did I mention my hair loves water? Spraying my hair with water is literally a daily requirement. You can find out more about my hair routines here.


Anything protein-based works great on my hair in moderate amounts, hence the conclusion that my hair is medium – high porosity. This is also impacted by the fact that I love dyeing my hair, which makes my need for protein even higher.


Oh, and let’s not forget high density! I usually abandon any idea of getting my hair to lay down, barring the one or two times a year that I straighten my hair. My hair likes to go up and out, so I let it be.

2 Replies to “All About My Natural Hair

  1. Your hair looks great I have a time with hair can not get it to thicken up and to put up in a bun looks very thin do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hello Bernice,
      The first step would be to establish the reason for thin hair. Some people have naturally thin hair due to genetics. Others have thin hair due to hair care practices. What is your current routine and what products do you use?

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