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About Me

Hi, I’m Mary, and welcome to The Curly Closet!

I am a thirty-something content creator and influencer from London, England and ‘The Curly Closet’ is the name of my YouTube channel and blog. The ‘curly’ part comes from my naturally curly hair, and the ‘closet’ part is about all things lifestyle and beauty-related.

I started blogging about five years ago, when I stumbled upon the online natural hair community on YouTube and I started my YouTube channel to chart my personal journey of nursing my texturised hair back to health. Unfortunately, I knew little about looking after chemically treated hair and I’d damaged it with permanent hair dye.

A New Start

However, I really started taking blogging more seriously after doing my Big Chop in 2014. I decided to start a new hair journey with my natural, afro-textured hair. Not long afterward, I adopted the new name ‘The Curly Closet’ for my channel, and never looked back!

Since then, my YouTube channel has grown rapidly and unexpectedly. I made the bold step in 2016 of becoming a full-time online content creator and influencer. My content has also expanded to include my other passions of beauty and lifestyle. On this blog, you will find natural hair care advice, hair styling tutorials, product reviews, lifestyle content, makeup tutorials and positive messages of self-love.

This journey has led me to work with various brands and attend events in London, New York and Los Angeles. I am a proud Glow member of Ipsy Open Studios in Los Angeles, as well as a brand ambassador and contributor to the amazing Voice of Hair website.

I never anticipated when I did my French and German degree that I’d be using my language skills to engage with people online from all over the world! But here I am, seeing where the journey will continue to take me…

I hope you enjoy your visit here and that you will continue to visit often!

Wishing you health, happiness and beautiful hair,